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Financial Aid: Mysteries Solved, Workshop for Teens

graytones of teen with laptopFinancial aid for those who are college bound:grants, loans, scholarships can all seem very mysterious when teens are applying for entry into college.The Oklahoma City Community College Admissions Office bring the experts and schedule a Financial Aid Workshop for teens interested in understanding the ins and outs of money for college.The workshop is to be held at Moore Public Library 225 South Howard in Moore on Thursday, August 28 at 7:00 p.m.

 Success at college is important to prospective students.Having financial concerns settled takes a little of the worry out of starting college and helps students focus on the important issues of classes and studies.The Financial Aid experts zero in on these money issues, clear up misconceptions, and answer questions:who qualifies for grants, how to apply for grants and loans, differences between grant money and loan money, and scholarship information.

For all teens interested in understanding financial aid and teens that are beginning their college careers, join the experts and gain insight into steps you can take toward college entry.Please pre-register for the workshop at Moore Public Library’s information desk, or call 793-4349 for registration or more information.

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