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January is Financial Wellness Month!

JSYK logo Oklahoma tax forms are not available in paper at your hometown library.

The OTC has decided to only make tax forms available for printing online. Printing from the computers in the library is 15¢ a page.


On that note -- January is the perfect time for people to get back in financial shape, especially as post-holiday-shopping bills start to arrive and tax season approaches. This is a great time to work on new budgets, create money management goals, start a savings plan, set goals to pay off old loans, get out of debt and find financial freedom.

Here are some new books that may help inspire your Financial Makeover:

book jacket coverGrow your money!: 101 easy-to-use tips to plan, save, and invest by Jonathan D. Pond

There are clear, essential, and easy-to-apply secrets for people ready to get serious about their finances. Fundraiser Jonathan Pond tells readers how to juggle their financial demands to plan, save, and invest. He also shares 101 easy-to-use financial secrets, including details on: why they should pay off their credit balances later rather than sooner; successful stock investing; boring ways to get rich; tricks for home buyers that can save thousands of dollars, and creating a real estate empire sensibly.

book jacket coverManaging debt for Dummies by John Ventura

If you’re trying to kick the “Buy Now/Pay Later” habit and get your spiraling debt under control, you need Managing Debt For Dummies now! This practical, commonsense guide provides straightforward strategies for coping with every kind of secured and unsecured debt, including, personal loans, car loans, mortgages, home equity loans, lines of credit, credit cards, finance company loans, and student loans. You’ll find out how easy it is to:

  • Distinguish between good and bad debt
  • Go on a “debt diet” to get back into financial shape
  • Start a filing system to track debt and protect life after debt
  • Adopt a smart spending regimen
  • Increase your income
  • Consolidate your debt
  • Decide which bills to pay when you can’t pay them all
  • Use credit cards responsibly

You can still live well while slashing spending on groceries, clothing, and entertainment. Find out how in Managing Debt for Dummies

book jacket coverGeneration debt: take control of your money: a how-to guide by Carmen Wong Ulrich
Ulrich, a former projects editor for Money, offers a step-by-step guide on how to budget your monthly expenses, make judicious use of credit cards while avoiding the pitfalls of high interest rates, and find the best way to pay off those student loans. Later sections cover situations like choosing whether to rent or buy a home, getting a car and saving for retirement, and each chapter has links to Web sites with additional resources. Ulrich's advice is simple and to the point, but her efforts to reach a young audience with sarcasm and hip lingo occasionally risk the appearance of talking down to her readers.


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