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Great Graphic Novels for Teens

Wanting to sample some great Teen Graphic Novels and or comic book series?

This is a great sampling of Teen titles. You can click on the title and connect directly to the catalog to place a hold.

Dororo by Osamu Tezuka, vols. 1, 2, 3
Dororo follows Hyakkimaru, a teenager who as a child had his body parts sacrificed to demons by his father, for military power. A doctor found Hyakkimaru and created artificial limbs for him including prosthetic arms that conceal swords. Hyakkimaru vows revenge against the demons and begins to hunt them down to reclaim his lost body parts. Along the way he encounters young Dororo, a thief, and the two become friends.



Emiko Superstar by Mariko Tamaki and Steve Rolston
A "borrowed" diary, a double life and identity issues fuel a teenager's quest to find herself before she cracks and commits social suicide. Watch Emi go from dull suburban babysitter to eclectic urban performance artist--compliments of one crazy summer.



Fruits Basket by Takaya Natsuki. Vols. 20 and 21
Fruits Basket is a romantic comedy that follows Tohru Honda, an orphan, who discovers the home of Yuki Sohma. Tohru comes to work for the Sohru family as a housekeeper and soon learns that the Sohma's have a secret. Cursed, the members of the Sohru family change into various animals of the Chinese zodiac. As Fruits Basket unfolds, Tohru learns that she might be able to set them all free, and readers become entranced in the rich world created by Natsuki Takaya.



Good Neighbors, Book One, Kin by Holly Black
Sixteen-year-old Rue Silver, whose mother disappeared weeks ago, believes she is going crazy until she learns that the strange things she has been seeing are real, and that she is one of the faerie creatures, or Good Neighbors, that mortals cannot see.



Green Lantern: the Sinestro Corps War by Geoff Johns, vols. 1 and 2
Sinestro has gathered an army fueled by fear that seeks to conquer the universe. Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps must find a way to defeat this army and they discover that one of the prophecies of the Book of Oa has come true.




High School Debut by Kazune Kawahara, vol.1
Haruna, a tomboy, is determined to change her stripes when she enters high school, but is sadly lacking in fashion or social sense, so she recruits cute upperclassman Yo to instruct her on how to make herself more appealing to boys.




Hikaru no Go by Yumi Hotta and Takeshi Obata, vols. 12 and 13
Hiraku Shindo is like any sixth-grader in Japan: a pretty normal school boy with a two-tone head of hair and a penchant for antics. One day, he finds an old bloodstained Go board in his grandfather's attic-- and that's when things get really interesting. Trapped inside the Go board is Fujiwara-no-Sai, the ghost of an ancient Go master who taught the strategically complex board game to the Emperor of Japan many centuries ago. Hiraku's career as a professional Go player begins. In his first game he must face veteran player Toya Meijin, none other than Akira's father. But to Sai, this round is "personal."




Japan Ai: A Tall Girl’s Adventures in Japan by Aimee Major Steinberger (nonfiction)
An animator and author on dolls and Japanese popular culture describes her trip to Japan to visit the place where her favorite dolls are made and to see Kyoto and Tokyo, dress up in costumes, eat at theme restaurants, and shop.




Naruto by Masashi Kishimoto, vols. 28, 29, 30, 31
It's been two years since Naruto left to train with Jiraiya. Now he reunites with his old friends to find out he's still not the most accomplished of his former teammates. But when one of them is kidnapped, it's up to Naruto to prove he's got the stuff to save him.




Planet Hulk by Greg Pak and Carlo Pagulayan
The Incredible Hulk, exiled into outer space, becomes enslaved on the planet Sakaar which is ruled by the Red King, and eventually becomes the gladiator known as Green Scar, uniting his fellow fighters to start a revolution to help change their world.




Rapunzel’s Revenge by Shannon Hale, Dean Hale and Nathan Hale
Rapunzel's Revenge is an alternate telling of the classic fairy-tale Rapunzel. Set against the background of the wild west, Rapunzel lives in the villa of her mother until one day she discovers that the world outside of the villa's walls is a dark place ruled by her mother's greed. Rapunzel's mother imprisons her in a tower and she must escape and bring down her mother's empire.




Skim by Mariko Tamaki
Presents the whole gamut of tortured teen life--friends, love, depression, suicide, and cliques--through the eyes of Skim, a.k.a. Kimberly Keiko Cameron, a would-be Wiccan goth at a girls' academy in Toronto during the 1990s.



book jacket for Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer: Requiem

by Michael J. Straczynski and Esad Ribic
Norrin Radd has surfed the galaxy for untold eons but now his journey may be coming to an end. He discovers a small blemish that will continue spreading until the Surfer is no more. So now the Silver Surfer must begin trying to find the one destination that has always eluded him...





Slam Dunk by Inoue Takehiko, vol. 1
Slam Dunk is an imported teen sport romance by Inoue Takehiko. This series combines a love of basketball with against the background of love and rejection in high school. Hanamichi Sakuragi, the series' hero, sets out to impress Hanamichi Sakuragi, an attractive girl at school who wonders if he is on the basketball team. Hanamichi joins the team and learns that he is a slam dunk king and that is just the beginning.




Two Flowers for the Dragon by Nari Kusakawa, vols 1 and 2
Lucien and Kuwan try to put aside their rivalry long enough rescue the kidnapped Shakuya. The snake charmer who spirited her away has a plan to marry her off and no one is going to be happy about that. Later, tension builds as Shakuya visits the home of one of the rivals. And in a flashback, the story of how Shakuya met Kuwan during Lucien's absence is revealed.




Usagi Yojimbo: Tomoe's Story by Stan Sakai
This volume collects 'The Doors' and 'Fox Fire' from issues 2 and 3 of the Fanatgrapnics comic book series Usagi Yojimbo Color Special, originally edited by Kim Thompson, and issues 90-93 of the Dark Horse comic book series Usagi Yojimbo Volume Three. "'Tomoe's Story' first published in issue 1 of Fantagraphics' Usagi Yojimbo Color Special, has been entirely redrawn for this volume



The War at Ellsmere by Faith Erin Hicks
Zombies Calling creator Faith Erin Hicks brings her manga-fueled art style and pop-culture sensibilities to girl's boarding schools in her latest book The War at Ellsmere. Jun is the newest scholarship student at the prestigious Ellsmere girls' boarding school - but to a lot of the privileged rich girls, scholarship student is just a code for charity case. Fortunately, Jun has an ally in the quirky Cassie, who tells her legends of a beautiful creature that lives in the forest outside of the school. Between queen bees and mythical beasts, Jun has quite the school year ahead of her.

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