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Geography of Bliss

book jacket for Geography of BlissGeography of Bliss by Eric Weiner

Weiner travels the world in search of the happiest places. As Weiner makes his way from Iceland (one of the world's happiest countries) to Bhutan (where the king has made Gross National Happiness a national priority) to Moldova (not a happy place), he calls upon the collective wisdom of "the self-help industrial complex" to help him navigate the path to contentment.

He travels to Switzerland, where he discovers the hidden virtues of boredom; to the tiny-and extremely wealthy-Persian Gulf nation of Qatar, where the relationship between money and happiness is laid bare; to India, where Westerners seek their bliss at the feet of gurus; to Thailand, where not thinking is a way of life; to a small town outside London where happiness experts attempt to "change the psychological climate." He also travels within the U.S.-and discovers that paradise is always a step away.

Throughout his global quest, Weiner integrates the insights of classical thinkers on happiness, augmented by one-liners worthy of a stand-up comedian. Full of inspired moments and earned epiphanies, The Geography of Bliss sets out to accomplish a feat few books dare and even fewer achieve: to make you happier.

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