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Muffins and mayhem: Recipes for a Happy (if Disorderly) Life

book jacket forMuffins and mayhem: recipes for a Happy (if disorderly) LifeMuffins and mayhem: Recipes for a Happy (if Disorderly) Life by Suzanne Beecher

In Muffins and Mayhem, Suzanne Beecher, creator of, combines her life stories with 30 of her favorite recipes. With striking candor, Suzanne takes readers on a journey from her lowest moments to her greatest joys and personal victories. Suzanne writes about personal successes and failures and what each taught her about life, love, and her capacity to persevere.

Scattered throughout Suzanne's memoir are favorite recipes, and each is accompanied by a personal anecdote. Suzanne believes that recipes are more than just a mix of ingredients: They're food for the soul, and she doesn't leave readers hungry. From humorous tales about avoiding her mother's liver dishes as a child (and Mom's Thanksgiving meals as an adult!) to a reverent account of how a childhood hero touched her life through Frosted Meat Loaf, Suzanne 's food-filled memoir warms the heart as well as fills the stomach.

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