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How do I use the OverDrive app on an Android Tablet?

Android Tablets

1. Open Play Store

2. Search for "OverDrive Media Console"

3. Install app

4. Open OverDrive app

5. To start getting books, tap the icon with the OverDrive logo in the top left corner of the screen

         - If this is your first time, you will need to add a library by tapping “+ Add a Library” near the top of the swipe menu and search for library by Pioneer Library System or    your City or Zip Code

6. Tap name of your hometown library

7. Tap the star next to the link to save the library’s website to your "My Libraries” list.

8. Tap the library website link.

9. Find the eBook or Audiobook that you want to download by typing in the “Search” near the top left of the screen or browsing through one of the categories

10. When you find a book you would like to read or listen to, tap “Borrow

          - If it isn't currently available, tap "Place Hold"

11.Enter your Pioneer Library Card number and PIN when prompted

          - If you do not have one, please apply for a library card at any hometown library.

12. Choose your book format by tapping the dropdown menu named "Download" and selecting the preferred format.

13. Tap “Confirm & Download

14. To view your book, tap the icon with the OverDrive logo in the top left corner

15. Tap "Bookshelf" in the swipe menu

16. Select your book and enjoy reading

17. If you would like to return your book early, press and hold the book cover.

18. Tap “Return” and then tap it again when asked to confirm your desired action

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