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Did you know that Bonnie & Clyde's thirteenth and final victim, Constable William "Cal" Campbell, was killed in a shootout near Commerce, Oklahoma in April of 1934?
Firefighter acrobats - image courtesy Oklahoma Crossroads database
Or that in 1908, when the Oklahoma City Fire Department began using horses to pull their equipment, they hired circus performers who had experience with horses as firefighters - and they practiced acrobatic routines in and atop the station between fires? 

These are a couple of examples of the amazing things you can see and learn about our state using the Oklahoma Crossroads database.

Oklahoma Crossroads: Documents and Images consists of selected digital collections of the Oklahoma Department of Libraries spanning more than 100 years of rich, vibrant history. These collections include documents, photographs, newspapers, reports, pamphlets, posters, maps, and an author database ranging in date from the late 1800s to present.

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