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National Tooth Fairy Day

August 22 is National tooth fairy Day. Celebrate one of childhood’s favorite visitors. Losing your teeth may have been traumatic when you were little until you realized the tooth fairy left you a gift or paid you the money for your loose teeth.

Celebrate by:
* Encouraging kids to brush and floss
* Reading books about the tooth fairy
* Replacing a worn toothbrush with a new one

book jacket for Dear Tooth FairyDear Tooth Fairy by Karen Gray Ruelle
Emily has her first loose tooth. She wants to make sure the Tooth fairy knows about it. She writes to the Tooth Fairy everyday, giving updates on the looseness of her tooth and dropping hints about what king of treasure she might like to find under her pillow. But as the days go by, Emily's tooth still hasn't fallen out. She wiggles it constantly and even eats an apply (yuck!) to help it fall out. Will she ever get a visit from the Tooth Fairy?


book jacket for The Tooth Fairy meets El Ratón PérezThe Tooth Fairy Meets El Ratón Pérez by René Colato Laínez illustrated by Tom Lintern
When Miguel loses a tooth, two legendary characters come to claim it--one who is responsible for collecting teeth in the United States and one who has collected the teeth of the boy's parents and grandparents.




book jacket for Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth FairyHorrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy by Francesca Simon illustrated by Tony Ross
When Perfect Peter's tooth falls out, Henry gets a great idea. He will steal the tooth and put it under his own pillow so that the Tooth Fairy gives him the reward instead of Peter. Will the Tooth Fairy fall for it? Plus three other stories so funny they are sure to make your teeth fall out. (Okay, not really...)




book jacket for Little Rabbit's Loose ToothLittle Rabbit's Loose Tooth by Lucy Bate illustrated by Diane De Groat
What should Little Rabbit do with her loose tooth when it comes out in a dish of chocolate ice cream? Throw it away? Wear it on a necklace? Draw stars around it and hang it on the wall? Try to buy some candy with it? Or leave it under her pillow for the tooth fairy?



book jacket for SilverliciousSilverlicious written and illustrated by Victoria Kann
When Pinkalicious loses a tooth, it's not just any tooth - it's her sweet tooth! Suddenly candy no longer tastes sweet! With her pinkatastic pen, Pinkalicious writes a note to the Tooth Fairy and tucks it under her pillow... only to hear from Cupid, the Easter Bunny, and a Christmas elf instead. It is not until the Tooth Fairy finally responds - and works some magic - that Pinkalicious discovers where sweetness really comes from.



book jacket for April and Esme, tooth fairiesApril and Esme, Tooth Fairies by Bob Graham
On their first assignment, two young tooth fairy sisters journey by night into the huge world of humans to collect Daniel Dangerfield's tooth and fly it safely home.




book jacket for Amanda Pig and the Wiggly ToothAmanda Pig and the Wiggly Tooth by Jean Van Leeuwen pictures by Ann Schweninger
Amanda Pig has her first ever wiggly tooth and she can not wait for the Tooth Fairy to come. But her loose tooth will not fall out. Father offers to pull it out for her, but Amanda thinks that might hurt too much. Instead, she decides to ignore it and one day discovers that her tooth has fallen out on its own. But where is it. Will the Tooth Fairy still come if Amanda has lost her tooth?

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