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Staff Selections: Kevin

altThis month's 'Staff Selections' guest columnist is Kevin, who works in Pioneer Library System's Virtual Branch.  Kevin began working for PLS as an Information Services Librarian teaching computer classes at the Moore Public Library in April 2005, but he soon moved to Administration in December 2006. There he began working in the Virtual Library to bring you this website, eBooks, and other electronic resources.  Kevin has an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design from UCO and a Master of Library and Information Studies degree from OU. He likes comic books better than regular books and always has.


altSaga: Vol 1
Kevin: "Saga is hard to describe and I don’t really want to spoil anything.  It is like if Romeo and Juliet had a child and ran off to raise it in a Fantasy/Star Wars universe.  If any of that sounds interesting check out this series now. It’s fun and you can’t say that about too many comics these days. Fiona Staples does all the artwork on a computer so it has a unique look to it as well."



altPluto: 001 - 008
Kevin: "Pluto is an 8-volume Manga that is a loose retelling of the Astro Boy series by the legendary Japanese creator Osamu Tezuka. Someone is murdering the seven great robots of the world. Detective Gesicht is investigating the murders, and has extra incentive to find the killer, because he is also on the hit list. This was a fantastic series and has many interesting twists and turns – highly recommended for fans of harder edged Sci-fi and Crime dramas."


altUltimate Comics Spider-man: Death of Spider-Man
Kevin: "In comics most of the time when someone dies they do not stay dead for very long. The Ultimate Marvel Universe is sort of a parallel version of the regular Marvel Universe. It allows them to tell stories without the years of continuity that bog down the regular titles and they can also take risks like really killing a major character without affecting the movie franchise potential of the regular Marvel U. Ultimate Peter Parker meets his ultimate fate in this volume setting the stage for an all new Spider-Man.  You may need to have some tissues on standby just in case something gets in your eyes while you are reading this one."


altUltimate Comics Spider-Man : Vol 01
Kevin: "This is the first volume of the all-new Ultimate Comics Spider-Man. We meet Miles Morales the new Spider-man and see how he got his powers and how he becomes the new Spider-man. Miles is younger than Peter Parker and from a different background, but he faces a lot of the same types of problems that made Peter such a relatable character for a generation of readers. How can he hope to live up to the legacy of a hero who just made the ultimate sacrifice and still make it home in time for dinner?"


altAstonishing X-Men Omnibus
Kevin: "Before Joss Whedon became a household name for writing and directing the billion-dollar-grossing Avengers movie he created some TV shows (Buffy!) and wrote some comics. One of the series he wrote was Astonishing X-Men and this volume collects his entire run on the title.  It’s a huge volume collecting 25 issues and contains everything you love about Joss’s work. The snappy dialogue and the larger than life conflicts are all here and accounted for. Read it. Now."



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