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Black Gold - Compost

Composting is the ultimate recycling.  Feel great about using kitchen scraps, yard waste and even junk mail!  Find out how to create a working compost pile that will nourish flowers, shrubs and veggies at the Purcell Public Library on February 20th at 10:30 a.m.  Now is the time to start for rich, dark compost for the spring and summer.  While it's still chilly, do some armchair gardening with some of the gardening books you can find at the Purcell Library.  Get your compost on with some of these.

Anxious Gardener's Book of Answers

Chace, a garden writer who has gardened in many of the USDA plant hardiness zones offers general information and tips to avoid or fix common gardening mistakes, from planting in the wrong place to over- or under-watering. The guide includes a list of the plant hardiness zones, metric conversions, suggested reading, online resources, and illustrations by Colleen Coover.

Complete Compost Gardening Guide

Barbara Pleasant and Deborah L. Martin turn the compost bin upside down with their liberating system of keeping compost heaps right in the garden, rather than in some dark corner behind the garage. The compost and the plants live together from the beginning in a nourishing, organic environment. The authors' bountiful, compost-rich gardens require less digging, weeding, mulching, and even less planting. And here's one of the best parts no more backbreaking slogs from compost bin to garden. 

Compost Heap

Books in the "Horrible Habitats" series take readers on a tour of some of the world#146;s most disgusting habitats. Each book uses vivid photographs and exciting design to introduce readers to creepy and crawly creatures living in some unexpected places. Simple text, labels, and captions make these books appropriate and fun options for reluctant readers. Read this book to learn about the stinky and slimy creatures that call The Compost Heap their home. 

Everyday Garden Solutions: expert advice from the National Gardening Association

Offers solutions to five hundred of the most commonly asked gardening questions, from cultivating heirloom vegetables and what to expect while composting to battling pests and growing plants in containers, providing complementary climate-zone maps.

Garbage Helps Our Garden Grow: a compost story

Compost is good for a garden to help things grow and it is a way to use some of your trash. 



Let It Rot! the gardener's guide to composting

In 1975, Let it Rot! helped start the composting movement and taught gardeners everywhere how to recycle waste to create soil-nourishing compost. Contains advice for starting and maintaining a composting system, building bins, and using compost. Third Edition. 318,000 copies in print. 



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