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Important OverDrive App Update Information

With the version 3.2 update the OverDrive app for Android, iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), and Windows 8 will no longer require Adobe Authorization when setting up the app on your device. Instead you will create an OverDrive account for authorization that will also allow your progress to sync across multiple devices.

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Talk Like a Pirate Day 2014

Talk Like a Pirate Day – proof that a good time can’t be contained.  Originally begun as in-joke between friends, one mention by Dave Barry turned the idea into an international sensation!

Want to brush up on your pirate speak before September 19th?  Why not log onto Mango – it can teach you to speak like a proper “gentleman o’ fortune” before you set foot on ship (or in your local hometown library).

Here are other sources that may help familiarize yourself with pirates' talk:

Pirate's Wish coverThe Pirates's Wish by Cassandra Clarke

In this sequel to the Assassin's Curse, pirate Ananna and assassin Naji must face the Pirate Confederation, enemies from another world, and a curse -- all while marooned on an enchanted island.

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Practice Oklahoma Driving Tests!

Free Permit Practice Test ButtonDriving exams. Adjust the side mirrors, buckle up, and turning your phone off are all tips we know when we get in to the driver's seat - but what about the written exam before that?

Do you know? What headlight beams do you use when driving at night in heavy fog? What does that crazy diamond shaped sign with the black squiggle on it mean? And what speed can you drive on a four-lane divided highway if it's not posted?

No worries! Your hometown libraries have you covered. Visit to take our online practice exams. And we'll have you speeding through the written portion on in no time....the driving portion we'll leave to that brave family member or friend.

2014 Sequoyah Voting

Vote today for your favorite book on the 2014 Sequoyah Book Award list!

Are you in 3rd through 12th grade? Have you read at least 3 titles from the Sequoyah book list for Children, Intermediate, and High School levels? If so, you can vote for your favorite book!

Fill out the Sequoyah voting ballot and choose your favorite book. Voting ends March 15, 2014. Winners will be announced in April.

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Patrons are now able to access for assistance in getting organized and filing taxes.

Discover how easy it is to prepare your taxes for free!

- Online at, powered by H&R Block, if you make $58,000 or less.

- In person with an IRS-certified volunteer income tax preparer, if you make $52,000 or less.

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