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July : National Horseradish Month

As Americans we love to have cookouts in the summer time and what is not better then adding a little horseradish to your menu. The month of July is National Horseradish month. Your hometown library and would like for you to learn and cook with horseradish in the month of July. Provided by, here are some spicy tips about what you can do with horseradish. For the complete list visit

* Add a splash to tomato juice for an early morning eye opener.

* Slip a spoonful into a skillet of scrambled eggs.

* Try horseradish on breakfast sausage.

* Give store bought deli items, like cole slaw, potato salad and baked beans, an exciting new taste.

* Mix it with apricot preserves and a little mustard for a great ham glaze.

* Create your own horseradish butter, horseradish mayonnaise, horseradish sour cream dip and horseradish barbecue sauce.

* Make familiar "comfort foods" even more indulgent. Add horseradish to mashed potatoes, meatloaf, applesauce served with pork roast, sour cream on your baked potato.

* For a gourmet appetizer, blend horseradish with softened cream cheese. Spread the mixture on thin slices of rare beef tenderloin and wrap around crisp-tender asparagus spears.

* Cut down on cholesterol by using horseradish instead of butter and salt to top vegetables.

After checking out these great tips, check out these great books about horseradish and cooking from the Pioneer Library System.

101 Foods That Could Save Your Life by David Grotto

Different spices that can save your life.



Horseradish : Bitter Truths You Can't Avoid by Lemony Snicket

A collection of miscellaneous wit and humor about life's misfortunes and truths



Flavor Foods: spices & herbs by Meredith Hughes

Describes the historical origins, uses, and growing requirements of various spices and herbs, such as pepper, vanilla, nutmeg horseradish, licorice, and ginger. Includes recipes.



Red, hot, and green : 50 spicy vegetarian recipes : cooking with chilies, peppercorns, mustards, horseradish, and ginger by Janet Hazen 

50 recipes for vegetarians 


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