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Bad Poetry Day

Did you know Lord Byron considered Williams Wordsworth to be a terrible poet? Did you know that William McGonagall is widely hailed as the writer of some of the worst poetry in the English Language? Did you know that Edger Allen Poe’s “The Raven” was critiqued by many of his contemporaries as being his most famous bad poem?

August 18 is Bad Poetry Day. After all the “good” poetry you were forced to study in school, here’s a chance for payback. Invite some friends over, compose some really rotten verse, recite some ridiculous rhymes, and learn about the wild lives of celebrated poets throughout history. If you're looking for some inspiration of  you can also checkout the website VeryBadPoety for some examples of  what they proudly proclaim to be the "world's worst poetry."

Book jacket for My Hippo has the Hiccups My Hippo has the Hiccups: And Other Poems I Totally Made Up. By Kenn Nesbitt.

Nesbitt's consistent rhythms and unforced rhymes make these poems readable, but his subject choices are what will amuse children: from not-too-smart talking dogs, to angry vegetables in a stew, to goofy dreams about pink-headed zebras, everything is fair game for wild interpretations and wordplay.


Book jacket for Wildly RomanticWildly Romantic: The English Romantics Poets: The Mad, the Bad, and the Dangerous. By Catherine M. Andronik.

Andronik reveals the notoriously reckless lives of the English Romantic poets, from opium addictions and affairs to quirky obsessions and incest, that have made them the stuff of literary legend.


Book jacket Lord of the DeadLord of the Dead: the Secret Life of Byron. By Tom Holland.

Lord Byron as a vampire? That notion may not explain the aberrant behavior of the much-revered Romantic poet, but it definitely provides a racy foundation for Holland's engaging and sophisticated debut novel.

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