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Geek Out @ your library crafts

picture of keyboard grass by dalai_alanaDo you have some old computer or parts that you want to get rid of? Here are some recycling ideas of transforming the useless parts into fun crafts for anyone who would like to celebrate this year’s Teen Tech Week, March 4-10, with your hometown library.

1.    Turn old computer circuits into keychains. Find the computer RAM and attach it to a keychain closure and chain. You can also cut other circuit parts. Make sure file them carefully to make sure there are no sharp edges.

2.    Turn old computer keyboard keys into necklace/bracelets/. Be creative. Choose keys to form a word, or repaint keys. Pierce both sides of the keys and string them together.

3.    Turn old computer keyboard keys into magnets. Just glue magnets inside the back of the keys, and they are good to use.

4.    Turn an old computer keyboard into a keyboard grass lawn. If you don’t want to tear your keyboard apart, let’s just grow grass on it. Spray the keyboard with water. Sprinkle grass seeds in the cracks. Cover the keyboard with plastic wrap and place it in somewhere with plenty sunlight. After a few days you will be able to see the green sprouts between the keys.

Use your imagination to figure out fun and unique ways to recycle your old computer parts. Invite your friends to join you to see who can come up with the geekiest idea!

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