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One-Year Anniversary of the 2011 Earthquake in Japan

One year has passed since the massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami hit Japan on March 11, 2011. The following books show the strength of the human spirit in the face of life changing disasters. In addition to the fictional stories, we suggest sharing some of the non-fiction books listed with your children to learn how to protect you and your family in similar disasters.

book jacket of after the quake: storiesAfter the Quake : Stories by Haruki Murakami

A collection of stories inspired by the January 1995 Kobe earthquake and the poison gas subway attacks two months later takes place between the two disasters and follows the experiences of people who found their normal lives undone by surreal events.

book jacket of amazing graceAmazing Grace by Danielle Steel

In the wake of an earthquake that interrupts a celebrity-studded charity dinner dance at the Ritz Carlton in San Francisco, the lives of four strangers are transformed by the tragedy.

book jakcet of the chaseThe Chase by Clive Cussler

The 1950 discovery of four bodies inside a sunken steam locomotive in a Montana lake gives way to the story of a murderous 1906 bank robber whose ruthlessness challenged Isaac Bell, a talented detective whose struggle to identify and capture the killer had been complicated by the great San Francisco earthquake.

book jacket of the earth shook: a persian taleThe Earth Shook: A Persian Tale by Donna Napoli

When an earthquake shakes her home in Bam, Iran, young Parisa does not despair; instead she demonstrates the fortitude of the human spirit by dancing and laughing even though she is left confused and alone.

book jacket of are you ready?: how to prepare for an earthquakeAre You Ready?: How to Prepare for An Earthquake by Maggie Mooney

As earthquakes have struck around the world with alarming frequency, millions have realized they are unprepared for similar catastrophes close to home. Mooney explains what to expect during a quake, and what to do when the shaking stops. She also addresses both aftershocks and tsunamis.

book jacket of earthquakes and other natural disastersEarthquakes and Other Natural Disasters by Harriet Griffey

From the eruption of Mount Vesuvius to the San Francisco earthquake of 1906, Earthquakes and Other Natural Disasters brings readers face to face with some of the deadliest natural disasters of all time and teaches the scientific forces that cause these incredible events.

book jacket of the giftedThe Gifted by Terri Blackstock

When an earthquake rocks through a quiet California town, buildings are ruined but lives are saved when three ordinary Christians find themselves suddenly gifted with supernatural abilities that enable them to help rescue others.

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