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It's Fry's Birthday!

Everyone has a birthday, even fictional characters. Phillip J. Fry, from the show Futurama celebrates his birthday today, August 9! To celebrate Fry's birthday here are some titles from another, well known Matt Groening show, The Simpsons. If you like reading graphic novels, you might enjoy creating your own!  Here are some books to get you started.

Book Jacket for The Big Brilliant Book of Bart SimpsonThe Big Brilliant Book of Bart Simpson by Matt Groening
Another installment in the continuing adventures of Bart Simpson and his Springfield family.

Book Jacket for Simpsons: Dollars to DonutsSimpsons Comics: Dollars to Donuts by Matt Groening
Follow the plight and the flight of a lone five-dollar bill through the hands of several Springfield residents in Groening's latest collection.

Book Jacket for Simpsons: A complete guide to our favorite familyThe Simpsons: A Complete Guide to our Favorite Family by Matt Groening
The Simpsons Complete Guide to your Favourite Show is a celebration of this family's phenomenal decade. Arranged by season, the book covers each episode of the television show, with the special episodes (the annual Halloween show, "Who Shot Mr. Burns?" and "Krusty Gets Kancelled") receiving eyeball-busting two-page spreads.

The Simpsons Comics: Jam Packed Jamboree by Matt GroeningBook Jacket Simpsons Comics: jam packed jamboree
The latest in the series of Simpsons Comics Compilations, brought to you by Matt Groening, the creator of "The Simpsons."

Book Jacket for Draw Comics with Dick GiordanoDraw Comics with Dick Giordano by Dick Giordano
When it comes to drawing comics in classic American style, Dick Giordano is a superhero. He shares his talents with fans--and budding artists--in this quintessential guide.

Book Jacket for Drawing Action in Your Graphic NovelDrawing Action in Your Graphic Novel by Frank Lee
Young artists are encouraged to start with basic forms and then define their subjects, gradually adding details until the picture is complete. As he demonstrates the drawings, the author explains how to use posing, angle of perspective, and careful composition to make illustrations have more impact.

Book Jacket for How to Draw Comic Book Bad Guys and GalsHow to Draw Comic Book Bad Guys and Gals by Christopher Hart
Provides illustrated, step-by-step instructions on how to draw evil cartoon characters, discussing expression, action, light and shadow, and other topics.

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