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Happy Beer Festival Day!

Celebrate on July 15th along with everyone at the Annual Beer Festival in Diekirch, Luxembourg, Germany. If you like beer here are some books about how to brew it yourself.

So, Happy Beer Festival Day, and if you enjoy it - do so responsibly!


Book Jacket for Dave Miller's Brewing GuideDave Miller's Hombrewing Guide: Everything You Need to Know to Make a Great Tasting Beer by David G. Miller
In this comprehensive guide to homebrewing, Miller clearly explains the best techniques for every step of the entire brewing process. Clear enough for the novice but thorough enough to earn a home in the libraries of brewmasters, this is the essential volume on brewing great-tasting beer at home.

Book Jacket for Clone BrewsClone Brews: Recipes for 200 Commercial Beers by Tess Szamatulski
Brewing home versions of popular commercial beers has never been simpler or more fun than it is with the 200 recipes in CloneBrews.


Book Jacket for Brew chem 101Brew Chem 101 by Lee W. Janson
Here's a class they didn't offer at your school (although maybe you did some independent study of the subject). Here, in nontechnical language, is the real story of whats going on in that bucket, carboy, and bottle.


Book Jacket for Ambitious Brew

Ambitious Brew: The Story of American Beer by Maureen Ogle
In the first-ever history of American beer, Maureen Ogle tells its epic story, from the immigrants who invented it to the upstart microbrewers who revived it. Beer might seem as American as baseball, but that has not always been true. Find out more in Ambitious Brew.


Book Jacket for Home BrewHome Brew: The Ultimate Guide to Making Your Own Tipple by Doug Rouxel
Whether it’s a light crisp lager, a heavy and dark stout, a cloudy, fruity wheat beer or a malty mild, this inspirational guide has all the tried-and-tested techniques for the best recipes to brew up at home. It provides all the information necessary on ingredients, techniques, and brewing equipment, with tips and step-by-step instructions for each recipe.


Book Jacket for Back Roads Germany

Back Roads Germany by Jurgen Scheunemann
From the series "Eyewitness Travel Guides" this book brings you scenic routes, charming hotels, and authentic regional cuisine from Germany.

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