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For information regarding the Pioneer Library System's Board of Trustees, including:

  • Meeting Dates
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  • Names of Trustees

And all other Board related content - please visit our PLS Board of Trustees Website.

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Who can participate in Board Meetings?

Public Participation Policy

The Pioneer Library System Board, in its effort to promote public understanding and support for the library system, encourages citizens of the library system to attend its meetings so that they may become better acquainted with the operation and programs of the library system,and so that the Board may be better informed on the ideas, concerns, and suggestions of citizens. While it is the desire of the Board that there be this positive interchange, such an activity must not interfere with the Board's responsibility to conduct its meetings in a proper and efficient manner. The Public Participation Policy of the Pioneer Library System is intended to accomplish these objectives.

1. Any individual or group wishing to speak at a regular meeting of the Board must submit a "Request to be Placed on Agenda" with supporting materials to the Director at least ten (10) days prior to the scheduled Board meeting.

2. On agenda items initiated by a citizen, comments by the speaker(s) may not exceed fifteen (15) minutes (total) except by action of the Board. It will be the Chair's responsibility to confine discussion to the topic for which the individual/group requested to be heard.

3. Any requests by the speaker for information will, when possible, be given an immediate response by the Board President or referred to a staff member for response. When information is not immediately available, it will be supplied at the earliest possible date subsequent to the meeting. Any requests requiring Board action will be deferred until a later meeting so that the Board will have the time and opportunity to examine various viewpoints relative to the issue and so that the item can be properly listed on the meeting agenda.

4. "Special" and "Emergency" meetings of the Board will not include agenda items initiated by citizens unless the meeting was called for the express purpose of responding to a citizen request.

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