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How much does it cost to print or make copies?

Prices for Black & White Prints and Photocopies

Black & White computer prints are 15¢ a page

Black & White photocopies are 15¢ a page


Prices for Color Prints and Photocopies

Color computer prints are 30¢ a page

Color photocopies are 30¢ a page


What business book discussion kits do you have?

PLS maintains Book Discussion Kits focused on business topics that have everything you need for a successful group reading experience. Topics include entrepreneurship, mentoring, teamwork, creativity, ethics, customer service and even mistakes. Each kit contains 6-12 copies of the book, bookmarks, a manual containing discussion questions, and information about the author.

Each kit can be checked out for 6 weeks at a time with the use of a Pioneer Library System library card.

To reserve a business discussion kit for pick-up at your hometown library please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Please allow 3 working days for delivery.

book jacket for 6 Secrets to Startup Success6 Secrets to Startup Success: How to Turn Your Entrepreneurial Passion into a Thriving Success by John Bradberry

Build the stamina needed to persevere over time. Complete with indispensable tools including an assessment to gauge a venture's strengths and weaknesses. 6 Secrets to Startup Success will help entrepreneurs everywhere turn their dreams into reality.

Read more: What business book discussion kits do you have?

Pioneer Library System's Business Services

word business and colored blocksThe Pioneer Library System continues to build on its commitment to local businesses in its communities. Our resources go beyond the collection of business-related books to include community outreach programs, topical book discussion kits, training kits, and online databases.  The system's commitment also includes personnel specifically focused on working with the local business community face-to-face.

To get started utilizing the Pioneer Business Services check out these resources:

Business Training Kits

Several business training kits available free of charge for you to use with small groups of employees.  Topics include interpersonal relations and communication in the workplace, supervisory and leadership skills, teamwork, creativity, ethics, and customer service.

Business Book Discussion Kits

 Multiple book discussion kits available for free supplied with about 10 books, book marks, and discussion questions to enable you to have a successful discussion.  Titles are all business oriented with focuses on entrepreneurship, customer service, teamwork, and ethics.

Research Databases for Small Business

A variety of databases filled with current information to help small businesses, entrepreneurs and employees. Information includes regional business publications; consumer, demographic, and market segmentation data; and grant opportunities.

What are the rules for using the Blanchard Library meeting rooms?

Blanchard Public Library Community Rooms Policy

Community groups and individuals are encouraged to use the meetings rooms at the Blanchard Public Library for educational, cultural, and civic purposes.  

  • Meetings may not be scheduled for purely commercial reasons.
  • Customers must agree to abide by the rules for use of the rooms.
  • To reserve the room, each group or individual must furnish the name, address, and phone number of a contact person.
  • The Pioneer Library System requires basic contact information which must be given in order to reserve rooms. This information is required so that 1)the library will be able to notify you in the unlikely case of a change in availability 2)the library will be able to refer questions concerning your meeting to the appropriate person.
  • Priority is given to programs sponsored by the library.
  • Meetings may be scheduled up to 3 months in advance. No more than one meeting may be scheduled by a group at a time.
  • Exceptions must be cleared through the Branch Manager on a case by case basis.

The library has two meeting rooms:

The Community Room accommodates 120 persons, and has a separate entrance to the parking lot and a kitchen area for serving food. This room is available for use by eligible groups and individuals before, during, and after library hours. For meetings scheduled to begin before the library opens, arrangements to pick up the Community Room key must be made at least 24 hours prior to the meeting. For meetings that will end after the close of the library, the group is responsible for  checking to make sure the bathrooms are secured, locking the room, turning on the security alarm for the Community Room, and dropping  the key in the bookdrop after locking the outside door.

The Conference Room  (accommodates  up to 16)  is a study room that is located inside the library. Use is only available  during library hours and meetings must  conclude at least 15 minutes before the library closes. No food or drinks may be served in this room. No programs producing elevated noise levels may be held in the Conference Room. 

General Rules for Meeting Room Use:

  1. To reserve a meeting room, individuals or organizations must contact the library staff and complete a registration form prior to the meeting. The online form is availalbe on the Blanchard Public Library webpage or a reservation request may be made by contacting the library staff.
  2. A $25.00 refundable cash deposit is due at the time the keys are picked up. The key should be returned within three days of the event. The deposit will be returned if the room is cleaned and there is no damage to the facility or equipment.
  3. If there is damage to the room, fixtures, or equipment, the City of Blanchard will hold the booking organization/person responsible for paying the cost of any repairs or replacements.
  4. All meeting must be free and open to the public. No admission may be charged for any activity in the rooms.
  5. The rooms are sometimes booked by more than one group per day. Please set up and complete the clean up within the scheduled time.
  6. Food may be served in the Community Room. Groups are responsible for the disposal of all food and trash. Trash is to be bagged and taken to the dumpster after each group that has served food or refreshments. The meeting room is to be cleared and clean after each even by the scheduling group. Failure to do so may result in the loss of the key deposit and/or Community Room use privileges.
  7. No use of alcoholic beverages or tobacco products is allowed on city premises.
  8. No assistance is availiable to move tables and chairs. This is the responsibility of each group.
  9. No Silly String. No inflatable bouncing toys.
  10. Open flames are not permitted including but not limited to: candles, tea lights, and any other type of flammable items.
  11. Nothing is to be attached to the walls, doors, or windows by any means.
  12. Three easels are availale for their own deliveries.
  13. Groups are responsibile for their own deliveries.
  14. Attendance cards for each meeting are in the kitchen area and in the Conference Room. Please complete a card for your event and return it with the keys or hand to the staff.
  15. The Branch Manager reserves the right to cancel any meetings should conditions or circumstances warrant.
  16. An adult leader must be present at all times and be responsible for the supervision of any groups of children under the age of 18.
  17. A sound system and audiovisual equipment is available for use in the Community Room. Use of the system must be arranged at least 24 hours in advance of your meeting with the staff.
  18. All library equipment and furniture must remain in the library.
  19. The entire library has wi-fi available for internet use.
Each group or individual booking use of the meeting room must agree to monitor the activities of the participants in the program and activities to minimize the risk of injury to self and to the participants. With respect to any loss or injury arising from the programs and activities, the person reserving the room agrees to release PLS and the city from any liability and to indemnify and hold harmless PLS and the city for any such claim.
Resolution 2012-13, Approved May 14, 2013
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